Inground Swimming Pool Removal in Baltimore City

Inground Swimming Pool Removal in Baltimore City

The new owners of the Baltimore property knew their swimming pool wasn’t in good shape. They bought the house knowing they would have to decide on whether to fix or remove this concrete pool. Swimming pools are a nice luxury to have for some homeowners. For others, when you add up the cost of maintenance, insurance, and any repair – the luxury costs too much. Like so many homeowners we work with, these homeowners came to a very similar conclusion. The idea of having a pool was better than the reality. See below the before and after of this inground swimming pool removal in Baltimore City.

Swimming Pool Removal in Baltimore City

This inground swimming pool removal in Baltimore involved an unstable structure that was deep and neglected.

The repair needed to get this Baltimore City swimming pool into good working order and fix the surround concrete deck was a lot to take on. Due to this swimming pool being very deep and unusable, the new owners decided to take their yard back instead of taking on the hefty costs of pool repair. Carroll Bros. Contracting removed the concrete pool, surround deck and stone pathways that were in disrepair. The result was amazing. Removing the pool not only made the yard safer, it also made the yard look bigger. This will allow them to entertain and enjoy their yard without the hassle of upkeeping a pool.

Finished Project - Swimming Pool Removal in Baltimore City

To complete the inground swimming pool removal in Baltimore, we filled in then regraded the yard. Finally spreading grass seed and straw.

It is important you always consult a professional when dealing with pool removal. While it may seem like filling in a pool is a simple process, it can be very hazardous if not done properly. Carroll Bros. Contracting has the experience and professional technique to make sure your swimming pool removal gives you a yard back, not a sinkhole. We also remove many different types of pools: fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete.

Don’t go at this alone. If you have an unwanted, unused, or damaged pool, contact us today. Check out other ways you can use your backyard with no pool to take up all the space.

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